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 Regulamentul forumului -Board rules

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PostSubject: Regulamentul forumului -Board rules   Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:18 am

All users accept with registration a set of rules.
Forum Team reserves the right to warn, censor and ban users who violate these rules.
It allowed you to register and use only one account on the forum.
Registration and / or using multiple accounts on forums lead to a permanent ban them.
Forum Team (SMod / BA) must be informed, without exception, if two or more accounts using regular, casual or permanent same IP.
Doing this leads to a permanent ban of both accounts.

After receipt of the 6th century warning, an account may be banned at least 7 days. In extreme cases, even longer. If a ban is not in question to permit the user to register a second account. An account risk being permanently banned again if the user receives warning after he was released.

In extreme cases, to be carefully studied, members can also get money both in game and on IRC. The same will apply vice versa.
The rule applies to messages on the forum and private messages (PMs).

The board includes the Terms and Conditions Metin2 game. In consequence the Board will apply to German law. This also means that owners are not responsible for any Metin2Ro image or link that are copyrighted, posted by forum members.

It is not allowed to sell your account or Items (weapons, Yang, armor). By doing so, or just trying to do this can be punished both in game and forum with the ban permanent, and can also have legal consequences.
It is prohibited Gameforge accessing sites through proxy services and lead to a ban that account.

Attitude on the forum:

To ensure a relaxing atmosphere among all Forum participants are required to conduct minimum requirements.

Items are prohibited content or links to pornographic, extremist politics, immoral or offensive material. Also posts that contain activation codes, cracks, hacks or anything illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez"

It is also forbidden to post copyrighted content.

Posting is not allowed any personal and private conversation without the consent of all parties.

Posting is not allowed consecutive two or more times in less than 24 hours by the same user of the forum. Each post can be edited for 60 minutes after the time expires and the first post post in continuation without a second user to do so will be considered "double posting" and will be punished as such.

It is not allowed posting of contents that do not correspond with the theme topic / section, and doing so leads to a warning. Exception to Section Spam posts. These items include compliance with a rule that only warning.

Spam with emoticons or pictures is not allowed because they can aggravate people uploading computer. Or post images that exceed regulatory limits (eg, a member must move vertically and / or horizontally to read all that post) are not allowed. It allowed a maximum of 6 smilies / post.
Images can be attached or added to the contents of a post but they must not exceed the following:
Height: 600 pixels
Width: 600 pixels
And the size of 200 kb each.
Also the maximum number of images allowed is two, if you have multiple images that need to post please use the external link ..
The contents, links, etc. member name. with the sole objective to annoy or insult other board members are prohibited in this community. The same thing applies in the post / posts which aim to light up other members to annoy and / or insulting.

Not allowed to use inappropriate language and / or insulting.

Advertise and / or links to other online games that do not belong GameForge are not allowed on the entire board. Links to games with the target to count every visitor is not allowed. (Bite Links)

Posting is not permitted in the name of one of the members who have been banned. Violation of this rule will be punished with a warning. Sharing an account with a banned member leads to a permanent ban on both accounts.

It is forbidden to impersonating a staff member. This includes name, avatar, signature, etc.. This results in a warning and in extreme cases can lead to a ban on the forum, game, mirc.

It is forbidden to abuse the Report button.

Not discussed a ban (board game or IRC) forum. For this you have to contact using email or Private Messaging (PM), the GM or a moderator involved, or of his superior.

Signatures & Avatars

Images in signatures should not exceed the following:
Height: 100 pixels
Length: 500 pixels
Height: 150 pixels
Length: 450 pixels

Size in both cases should not exceed 100 kb.

Are not allowed signatures or avatars animations.

You can use the signature and text in English, as long as they are not vulgar or obscene words.
Forum Team Members and Responsibilities:

Every board has a duty to comply with its Rules. If you feel warned unfairly, first contact the moderator who gave you the warning. Then you should contact Super-moderator. In extreme cases you have the right to speak with the Board Administrator. Board Administrators have final word.

Follow the same procedure if a topic of yours is closed. Please do not open multiple threads with the same problem and try to use the search button.

Repeated warnings lead to a temporary ban on the forum. Each case will be reviewed individually. Register a new account during the suspension will be punished with a permanent ban. In extreme cases a member may be punished with a ban without further warnings.


Forum administrators have the right to ban (signatures and members) or to change the names of members and / or title.
- Complaints about a way to go to SMOD.
- Complaints about a SMOD go to BA.
- Complaints on a board administrator go to the same rank or a member of the Community Manager (COMA).
Who does not meet what would happen to see in the picture
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Regulamentul forumului -Board rules
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